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Neuromag contributors starting from the left: Johanna Salu, Barbara Peysakhovich, Michael Paolillo, Anne Thaler, Gizem Altan

The Neuromag is a science-focused magazine organized by graduate students in Tübingen, Germany who spend  their limited free time outside of the lab working on this challenging project. When we asked each other what motivated us to create the Neuromag, the answers varied. Some people like to design and challenge themselves in new ways, others enjoy having a productive outlet separate from the lab, and many noted the opportunity to meet new people with common interests. Despite our diverse reasons for joining the Neuromag team, everyone agreed that the Neuromag can serve as a medium of communication between neuroscientists in Tübingen and the community at large. Our intention is to create a magazine that is interesting for scientists and non-scientists alike. We hope that you enjoy it! If you would like to write an article or have an idea for us, please write to NeuromagTuebingen@gmail.com

This magazine consists of articles written by Tübingen scientists. It is our goal to provide a platform where Tübingen’s local scientific community is able to disseminate scientific information to a larger audience. Our writers come from diverse backgrounds, many of whom are affiliated with the Graduate Training Centre (GTC) at the University of Tübingen in Germany. The GTC trains both master’s and doctoral students in three different programs: Neural and Behavioural Sciences, Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience, and Neural Information Processing. Teaching at the GTC is entirely in English.

Michael Paolillo
Neuromag Founder

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